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Shanghai Sunny Biotech Co., Ltd. Is an enterprise dedicated to the development of modern natural medicine technology.The company is mainly engaged in the service of efficient separation and purification of drug monomers and the technical service of pre-clinical research of drugs, including the service of customized separation of natural compound monomers, the control extract of Chinese medicinal materials, high value-added pharmaceutical raw materials and chemical drug impurities.
Our main services:
1.Provide reference substances and active components of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
2. Provide isolation and structure determination of natural products.
3.The technology establishment and optimization of Chinese herbal extracts and active parts
4.Preparation and structural elucidations of pharmaceutical impurities
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基因检测引起医学变革 推动精准医疗发展增速

基因检测引起医学变革 推动精准医疗发展增速

聚集诱导发光 (aggregation-induced emission,AIE)是本次会议主席唐本忠院士提出的一个光物理概念, 是指一类分子在其良溶液中不发光或发光微弱,而在聚集后发光显著增强的现象……
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